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What is the minimum rental period to rent a campervan?

The minimum period to rent a motorhome is three days throughout the year, except in season where the minimum period is 7 days. Each day will be recorded in a 24 hour period. You can rent a camper for a shorter period, however will always be charged the amount of the minimum period of 3 days.

How is the total number of rental days calculated?

Rental days are calculated in 24 hour periods, which means that if the campervan is picked up at 10am on a Friday it has to be delivered at 10am on Monday charged only 3 days rental. However, if the camper is picke up at 10am on Friday and delivered on Monday at 13pm it will be charged 4 days rental since been overtaken 24h. Therefore, it is important that you confirm the schedule before making the booking, as it may have a significant impact on the final price of the booking.

What is the minimum age required in order to be allowed to drive a campervan?

The minimum age of the driver, in order to drive a campervan is 21 years old. For drivers under the age of 25 years added a daily fee of 3€.

Can anyone drive the campervan?

Only the drivers identified in the contract. Besides the usual driver it can be added to the contract other additional drivers (5€ per driver / day). If you choose by our insurance PRESTIGE Pack (Option B), we will include an additional driver at no additional cost. 

Can I drive out of portugal?

Yes, if the insurance optaste PRESTIGE Pack (Option B) This item insurance is already included. If you have maintained insurance BASIC Pack (Option A), you can subscribe to this insurance individually for only 5€/day. For further information consult insurance options.

Which documents do I need to rent a campervan?

- Identity card or passport;
- Valid driving license for Class B (cars). If they are not resident in the EU, should have an international driving license;
- Credit Card VISA / MASTERCARD, essential to make the security deposit.

Where and when can I pick up and drop the motorhome?

You can pick up or deliver your campervan in OFFICE AND STORE from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 12pm and from 14:30pm to 17:30pm. If you wish to pick up or deliver the campervan in non-office hours, an added cost of 30€ is charged.
We have the PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE in our airports or at any other location of your preference. Any exceptional situation will always be subject to the approval of the lessor.

What is the "out of office hours" fee?

The fee for "out-of-hours" is applied to all the pick up and delivers made outside the time between 10am and 17.30pm.

When I rent a campervan which equipment comes with it?

Our campervans come fully equipped and have all the necessary and accessories, without further charge. For more detail refer to page CAMPERVANS for the desired model. Just so nothing is missing for your trip, we have available a list of EXTRA EQUIPMENT and RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT that you can rent.

What is included on the daily rental price of a campervan?

  • Modern and fully equipped vehicles
  • BASIC Pack insurance cover (Option A)
  • Unlimited km's/miles
  • Portugal Road Map
  • VAT at the prevailing rate
  • Kitchen kit
  • Arrival kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Mattresses protection covers
  • Butane gas bottle
  • Chemical toilet refill

The daily rental price includes insurance?

The daily price of our campervans include liability insurance (third party) and own damage, 24H assistance and unlimited mileage (Safe BASIC Pack - Option A), with security deposit of 1500€ (Eco Model) and 2000€ (Comfort Model). You can also subscribe the insurance PRESTIGE Pack (Option B) for 15€/day. This option has a deductible of € 700 security deposit (Eco Model) and 900€ (Comfort Model). In the insurance BASIC Pack - Option A, you can subscribe to individually secure any item described in PRESTIGE Pack - Option B, for 5€/day. For further information consult the insurance options for each model we have available.

On the day of the pick up do I have to leave any warranty deposit?

Yes. This security deposit is an amount that will be captive in VISA / MASTERCARD and the amont depends on the model of campervan insurance option. This security deposit is used to cover any damage caused in the campervan while it is held by the client and are fully refundable after the delivery of the campervan, as stated in the Terms and Conditions of Rental.

How can I make a resevation and its payment?


What happens if I have to cancel my booking?

If we are contacted within 30 days prior to the start of the rental period will be made a full refund of the amount paid. If we are contacted between 30 and 15 days before the start of the rental period, you will be refunded 50% of the amount paid. In case of cancellation within 15 days before the start of the rental period, there will not be any refund. For more information see Terms and Conditions of Rental.

Is the campervan delivered to me with a full tank?

Yes, the campervan is delivered with a full tank and must be returned with the same fuel level. Otherwise it will be charged the fuel missing, plus a fee of 30€.

Do I have to clean the campervan before I return it?

The campervan is delivered fully clean and tidy, with the toilet tank empty and rinsed. It will be delivered in the same condition, otherwise it will be charged a cleaning fee, as stated in the Terms and Conditions of Rental.

Is there anywhere for me to leave my own car?

Along to our facilities there is a car park where you can leave the vehicle parked without cost and your responsibility.


The sole purpose of this page is to answer some of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients.

When you hire a campervan we advise you to consult our Terms and Conditions of Rental, which prevail in case of conflict information.