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Today there is a growing tendency to Camper hire throughout Europe. And for good reason. There are many advantages of rent motorhomes to go on vacation. But, the foremost of all is freedom. In addition, the motorhome holidays are appreciated at all ages, allowing spend a pleasant season two, in family or in the company of friends. 


rent a motorhome enables unparalleled freedom. Imagine that every day have the ability to oscillate between the beach and the countryside, the city and the bucolic landscape of the interior. And can travel freely throughout the country, no schedules and no obligations, no worries with inputs and outputs of hotels, hours to eat or sleep. It is the epitome of freedom, holidays in all its splendor.


Resort to Camper hire allows you to travel and vacation with controlled costs. Not only can you save on accommodation, as will further reduce the amount spent on meals and transport. If you do the math and add well all these expenses, you will see that the holidays motorhome will leave you much cheaper.

autocaravanas artThe camper rental allows spend spend a winter holiday with family or with friends


Camper hire delight the young. What is the child who does not like to sleep in a house on wheels? Make a fun vacation and of which the smallest never forget. After all, are not all kids can boast to stroll, eat and sleep in a modern motorhome.


Know better therapy to cure the whole year of stress than spend a vacation in Camper hire? Find out that many superstars of film, rock stars and Wall Street executives make holiday in motorhomes, precisely to release the stress accumulated during the year and to escape the formalities of their professional lives. There are no ties in camper.


Motorcaravenners are like a family or a community. They help each other whenever they are in trouble or have problems of various kinds, such as damage, holes, accidents, lack of water or other. There are several forums, websites and social network used exclusively for motorcaravanners where you can exchange experiences and get tips and advice on campervans and places to see and avoid. 

A motorhome is a versatile vehicle, comfortable, complete and very economic


A camper can be a very comfortable and excellent vehicle to rest a year of work and aggravation. This exits the monotony of day-to-day and enjoy a few days full of joy and irreverence, the ideal to forget all the problems of personal and professional life.


Is for youth irreverence, that more enjoyed the outdoors and are different and enjoyable vacation. The Camper hire is the best option for vacationers young people who have passed the age of majority and who want to enjoy the best that life has to offer. The Camper hire allows a vacation with friends, shared cost and lots of fun.

International travel

It is possible rent a motorhome in Portugal and from Europe to visit the countries you've always wanted. Avoid expendable spent on air travel and visit each country how it should be played. Enjoy the sights, stop where you want and see what deserves to be seen for as long as you want. What better way to travel than with the action Camper hire?

Going on a Motorhome vacation is becoming a trend in several countries in Europe

These are some of the reasons for rent a motorhome to spend your vacation. Of course it is in spring or summer that Camper hire is most appreciated. Knows better travel in motorhome under a radiant sun, the wind blowing gently and a huge blue sky as horizon. The motorcaravanning is attracting the attention of many Europeans, from north to south. It is now a global trend that will increase and picking up fans in several countries.

There are various models and types of motorhomes for rent, From the smallest and versatile to the true 'palaces on wheels'. It is no coincidence that the world's largest automobile manufacturers, strong bet in the production of motor homes. As use a service Camper hireDo not have to worry about the details of the vehicle. The Camper hire are fully equipped, include insurance and unlimited miles.

The camper hire have all the assistance and services to travel freely

Moreover, modern Camper hire have a 24-hour assistance service, are very economical in terms of fuel consumption and have no parking restrictions, providing even the Via Verde service so you can rotate freely by the country's motorways without having to worry with tolls. 

The Wild Side Campers also has a conversion service for campers own vehicles, so you can reap the full of your particular motorhome. And with that power a holiday where you want using your own motorhome. And use it on the same day-to-day as it always did. Many customers are now opting for this type of service, which allows you to dispose of your motorhome whenever they need. 

Pick Up and Delivery

You can pick up or deliver the campervan at our OFFICE AND STORE from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 12pm and from 14:30pm to 17:30pm. If you wish to pick up or deliver the campervan in non-office hours, an added cost of 30€ is charged.

We have the PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE at our airports. Any exceptional situation will be subject to approval of the lessor.


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