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Summer is synonymous with freedom. Freedom is one of the main advantages of motorhomes. Therefore, a perfect summer trip can only be traveled by this type of vehicle. Fortunately, in Portugal, abound destinations to go with motorhomes and enjoy each quality of this means of transport. Let"s see the tracks of the Baixo Vouga Lagunar, ideal for those who love nature. 


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Travel with motorhomes in Portugal to discover the natural beauty of the country

motorhomes IIn each season, you can find an abundance of wildlife in the Baixo Vouga Lagunar. Incidentally, this is why it is better always carry binoculars and a bird guide to identify each species that can cross with you.

It is best planning your trip with motorhomes in Portugal in order to get there early to this natural destination. Those who are a little early risers have a double luck: on the one hand, they can watch the beautiful awakening of landscape in the morning mist; on the other hand, in the early hours of the day, you can always find one or another animal more elusive. Weasels and otters are just some examples.

Moreover, along the way, you can route through rice paddies flooded, high grass meadows to ripple in the breeze, small forests, waterways flanked by reeds and woodlands that provide welcome shade when the day begins to heat.


Know about the benefits of traveling with motorhomes, with Wild Side Campers


For what reasons the motorhomes are the best options for those who want to travel by this country out?

However, the fauna and flora of this and other Portuguese natural destinations only will be properly enjoyed, if we travel through motorhomes. As already mentioned, freedom is one of the best features of these vehicles. That is, contrary to what happens when we are dependent on other transport, with the motorhomes, there is no stipulated time.

Moreover, as it comes to vehicles that are authentic houses - including infrastructures, such as bedrooms, kitchens and even living rooms - neither is required doing a check in at a hotel, which adds to the feeling of freedom.

Really, the motorhomes are the best options to travel to the discovery of natural landscapes. For example, the options of the Wild Side Campers have the highest score in terms of comfort. After all, motorhomes from this company include an arrival kit, with tea, coffee, sugar, salt, toilet paper, matches, washing up liquid and sponge. We must also highlight the Kit Kitchen: pot with a slide, frying pan, kitchen set (tweezers, spoon, spatula, fork, ladle), cups, mugs, dinner plates and funds, bowls, spoons, forks, knives, handles, kitchen towels and tablecloth .

There is also a security safe, a thermal and acoustic insulation, a living area and dinning with handy removable table, besides extra equipment, like GPS, child seat, outside table, camping chair... Our motorhomes also allow electrical connection at campsite.


For all these reasons, enjoy the summer days to rest and have fun with the Wild Side Campers´ motorhomes