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What are the main advantages of mini campervan Eco Model?


Economic. Functional. Ecological. If you think it impossible that a single mini car Caravana able to meet all these qualities, then it is because we still do not know the exemplar Eco Model, provided by the company Campers Wild Side.

One of the main advantages of this self-caravan mini is its affordable price. That's why we feel this is the perfect mode of transport for those who want the corners of our country, without spending much money. For example, in high season, which runs from 16 July to 15 September, the rental of the Eco Model can cost up to 75 euros per day. It is a quite acceptable value, taking into account that these models the Wild Side Campers are characterized by being fully equipped.


With capacity to carry up to three people, the Eco Model offers a variety of accessories and indispensable utensils for each trip. To ensure proper maintenance of this mini car Caravana There mop dishwashing detergent and protective covers for mattresses. Furthermore, the Eco Model has a kitchen area including washing dishes, skillet, saucepan with a slide, portable gas stove with auto-start and a spacious fridge, not to mention other essentials for any kitchen, as tablecloth, forks, knives, tweezers, handles, dishes and funds, dishcloths, current and water extinguisher. Incidentally, for floors «back to the house" with maximum security, this mini campervan is also equipped with a first aid kit.

A further highlight other divisions of Eco Model. One is the living area and dining, which stands a table removable meals. In this area you can calmly enjoy drinking tea and coffee, offered by Wild Side Campers, while queries a road map of Portugal, other utensil provided by this company. If you prefer, you can change the seating area for your bed, which has a width of 1.20 m and length 1.97 m.



Technical characteristics of the mini-car caravan Eco Model

The advantages of mini car Caravana Eco Model to extend their technical characteristics. Being a model Citroen Berlingo Long, this means of transport is distinguished by being a Class 1 tolls at their average consumption of 5.1L / 100 km and by an emission of 143g of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

autocaravana04Although it is already so full, this mini car Caravana da Wild Side Campers ainda can receive extra equipment that nothing be wanting on your journey. For example, to ensure that no dodging the way for an unforgettable vacation, you can rent a GPS. On the other hand, if the little ones are some of the crew this trip, these 'mini-adventure' can always enjoy a little rest in a chair for transport of children up to 18 pounds.

In addition, to provide different meals - but always upbeat - acquires barbecue (With reduced dimensions), along with coal and firelighters and an outdoor table, foldable, compact and composed of four chairs. If you want to combine a trip to mini camper van with an unforgettable camp, enlists the help of Wild Side Campers, which is able to rent a chair and tent camping (the last with quick and easy installation). All these extra items cost 20 euros, except camping chair and coal and firelighters, which can be rented for just ten euros.

It is even possible to rent recreational equipment to practice as diverse sports such as cycling, surfing or skate.

Discover the best mini campervan Eco Model and other Wild Side Campers equipment. Get in an adventure with us and live an unforgettable summer vacation.