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The perfect option away from home

Rental Bikes are the simplest option for those who are away from home, but still want to explore that particular place and do some exercise by ridding a bicycle.

Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Famous for it's unique style and incomparable features, and of almost unlimited customized capability. Allows a very comfortable and relaxed riding posture.
2 hours 1/2 day* 1 day** 3 days 5 days 1 week
8€ 10€ 15€ 35€ 55€ 70€
Beach Cruiser Bike + Surf Rack

Beach Cruiser Bike + Surf Rack

Just so you can move around comfortably while carrying your board, we have also available bicycles, which are equipped with a very convenient surfboard transportation support system.
2 hours 1/2 day* 1 day** 3 days 5 days 1 week
10€ 13€ 20€ 47€ 73€ 95€
Beach Cruiser Bike + Child Seat

Beach Cruiser Bike + Child Seat

If you have a child accompanying you and you're looking for a nice fun, relaxing stroll, we have available bicycles equipped with child seats and protection helmets.
2 hours 1/2 day* 1 day** 3 days 5 days 1 week
10€ 13€ 20€ 47€ 73€ 95€


Move around in your own style and pace. We have available different kinds and sizes of skateboards, be it a long board, pro skateboards, regulars or penny's.
2 hours 1/2 day* 1 day** 3 days 5 days 1 week
5€ 8€ 10€ 25€ 40€ 55€
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Beach Model
2 Hours 8 €
½ Day 10 €
1 Day 15 €
3 Days 35 €
5 Days 55 €
1 Week 70 €
Support for Surfboards Surf / Child chair
2 Hours 2 €
½ Day 3 €
1 Day 5 €
3 Days 12 €
5 Days 18 €
1 Week 25 €

Rental Conditions:

  • Valid ID document
  • Some equipment subject to security deposit


Our prices include:

  • Recreational equipment
  • Accident personal insurance
  • VAT at the prevailing rate


  • 1/2 Day* 10h until 18h
  • 1 Day** 24H period

The loss or destruction, in whole or in part, of the equipment rented constitutes the lessee in the obligation to compensate the rental company for the inherent damages.



Choosing rental bikes is choosing comfort

When we go on, the less cargo we take with us, the more comfortable that trip becomes. In those occasions the bicycle is on of the items that most of the times gets left behind, simply because of its sheer dimensions and also because most of the times with don’t know if there is a place to store it at our destination.

With rental bikes you can achieve a great balance in your trips, since that you make the most of what a bicycle has to offer, without that meaning any kind of concerns of reasons to be uncomfortable.

This ways, you can use a bicycle for as long as you need, paying a small amount of money for that specific period of time, not wearing out your own bicycle and not worrying about its transportation and storage.

Find out now what rental bikes options are available for you

The rental bikes option include several bicycles with different sizes and proprieties, in order to better adapt to the needs of all members from a family, but also to the different degrees of demand from those who look for this kind of service.

The main challenge will be to choose the bike you want to rent.