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Scooters 2014


  • Engine: 50cc with 4stroke  
  • Automatic
  • Maximum speed: 70km/h
  • Average consumption: 1.6L/100km
  • Easy driving 
  • Driving license: A(motocycles) or B(cars)     


In Peniche we have beautiful scenery and much to visit. What do you think of renting a scooter so you have the freedom to go wherever you want? See our prices below and rent a scooter in a simple and uncomplicated way.




2 Hours €15 €2
Daily(10h às 18h) € 25 € 3
1 DAY(24h) € 30 € 5
3 DAYS € 75 € 12
5 DAYS € 110 € 15
1 WEEK € 150 € 20

Our prices include:


  • Third party insurance
  • Unlimited miles
  • 1 Helmet
  • VAT at the prevailing rate

Rental Conditions


  • Scooter licence or car driving licence
  • Valid identification card
  • More than 18 years old
  • Security deposit*


* The security deposit is made in the moment you rent the scooter.

You can leave ID card or valid passport, or caution of 500 € with credit card.

The client is responsible for all damages ocurred in the vehicle during the rental period. In case of loss, theft or total destruction, the cliente commits himself to compensate the hirer firm for the inherent damages of 700 €.

Pick up and Delivery of the Scooter

You can pick up your Scooter at our premises between 10am and 1pm or between 2pm and 6:30 p.m.

Motorbike rental provides a unique feeling of freedom

Fortunately, those who prefer motor vehicles can always opt for other alternatives. For example, how about investing in a motorbike rental?

The immediate advantage of this means of transport is the sense of freedom it provides to each driver. Unlike cars - where we are usually enclosed in a small structure, sometimes for hours and hours - when renting a motorcycle, we can enjoy the best of nature as we head to our destination.

Freedom is even the word that best describes the experience of choosing a motorhome rental service and then driving around with this transportation. It should not be forgotten that motorbikes for rent have a greater facility in "escaping" from the traffic of large urban centers. Thus, in relation to cars, these vehicles allow their users to reach the intended place in much less time, without forgetting that there is a greater ease of parking.

Moreover, motorbike rental is the 'best friend' of our pockets! In addition, in general, have lower acquisition costs, transport can only spend a third of the fuel. For example, 125 cm3 scooters spend about 3.5 liters of gas for every 100 kilometers, ie one quarter less than the averages of cars.

When you invest in a motorbike rental, you can also count on much cheaper maintenance than cars, as there is no road tax and insurance is less expensive. Another curiosity: did you know that in the cities, motorbikes do not pay parking?

If there is a problem with the motorbikes, rest assured: usually a change of oil and tires costs less than a light motor vehicle.


What unique features does a scooter have?

Among the many motorcycle options, scooter rentals are undoubtedly one of the best alternatives. In fact, there are some differences between renting conventional scooters and choosing a scooter. First of all, it should be noted that driving through this means of transport requires the driver to have a different body position compared to a motorcycle with a larger displacement, which contributes to a unique balance.

But the unique characteristics of scooters do not end here. On the one hand, vehicles require continuous, accelerating driving. On the other hand, the driver must always know when and how he should accelerate in order not to lose the balance, but rather in the climbs. Caution: after 60 kilometers per hour, the acceleration of a scooter is slow.

In a motorbike rental, the scooter is a quality choice, since it is a much easier vehicle to drive: it has no clutch, the rear brake is located on the left side (which does not happen with other means of transport, such as Bicycles), no changes ... motorbike rental

To add that the accelerator is very sensitive, which contributes even more to this convenience: after all, just give a small touch so that the scooter begins to move immediately.

Without forgetting that this vehicle has obvious benefits in terms of noise and consumption, two key criteria in a motorbike rental.

Here's another thing to keep in mind: a scooter is much lighter than a conventional bike. 

Therefore, the drivers have an easier slope in the corners, since the engine is located near the ground.

Thanks to this aspect, the overtaking is also more easily performed: it is that the scooters react little to the strong lateral winds.


Wild Side Campers offers a motorbike rental service with immense advantages

Recognizing all these qualities, the Wild Side Campers motorcycle rental service privileges scooters, which are perfect for those who are a fan of efficient transportation. As for the technical details, it should be noted that the specimens of this company include a 4-stroke engine with 50cc displacement, a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour, an average consumption of 1.6 liters per 100 kilometers, besides being easy to drive.

On the other hand, this motorbike rental is accessible: for example, those who need these transports during one day (10am to 6pm) will only have to pay 20 euros (plus three euros if an extra helmet is needed). Finally, to add that those who are on vacation in Peniche (or reside in that region) and need a motorbike rental service are lucky ones: is that in these cases, Wild Side Campers does the delivery and collection at no cost additional.


Get to know the other advantages of the Wild Side Campers motorcycle rental service